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"Glad's Culinary Adventures: From Kitchen Mishaps to Culinary Triumphs at Carinya"

Photo credit: Vince Lethbridge

Meet Glad, the culinary wizard with a heart of gold, whose journey from kitchen mishaps to culinary triumphs is a tale worth savoring.

Glad's culinary adventures began with a rather unconventional incident involving her mother's wood stove and a curious feline companion. Despite her mother's less-than-stellar cooking skills (which once led to the unfortunate incident of the family cat in accidently being locked in the operating oven), Glad's passion for cooking was ignited at a tender age of 7.

Determined to master the art of cooking, Glad embarked on her culinary journey armed with nothing but a tree full of apples and a heart full of determination. With a little experimentation and a lot of love, she whipped up her first homemade treat—a delectable apple pie that left her craving more.

As Glad's culinary skills flourished, so did her career. From humble beginnings at a motel kitchen in Korumburra to our very own Carinya community, Glad's reputation as a skilled cook preceded her. When Carinya aged care facility opened its doors in 1979, Glad seized the opportunity to showcase her culinary prowess, confidently declaring her willingness to cook anything—except brains!

In her 16 years as Carinya's cook, Glad's kitchen became a hub of warmth, laughter, and irresistible aromas. From tripe and lambs fry to award-winning scones and cream puffs, Glad's creations delighted residents and staff alike. Even the most challenging dishes, like tripe, were lovingly prepared under Glad's expert hands, with a trusted resident serving as her taste tester.

But Glad's legacy extends far beyond her culinary achievements. Her warmth, kindness, and unwavering dedication to her craft left an indelible mark on everyone she met. When Glad retired, her departure was met with heartfelt farewells, fond memories and a farewell card from colleagues still treasured by Glad to this very day.

Now, as a resident of Carinya for the past 8 years, Glad reflects on her journey with a smile. While the cooking landscape may have changed, Glad's passion for good food and community remains as strong as ever.

Among Glad's treasured possessions is a photo album bursting with accomplishments I had the pleasure of viewing. With over 27 awards and ribbons from the Royal Melbourne Show, a testament to her culinary expertise and dedication to her craft. Each ribbon tells a story of hard work, passion, and the joy of creating something truly special.

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