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A Mothercraft Nurse's Legacy

Meg enjoying celebrations at Carinya Photo credit: Vince Lethbridge

As we prepare to celebrate International Nurses Day, I can't help but reflect on the remarkable journeys of some of our residents here at Carinya. Among them is Meg, whose career as a nurse is a testament to the spirit of compassion and dedication that defines nursing. I extend my gratitude to Meg’s daughter, Therese, for sharing insights into Meg’s nursing journey.

Meg's path as a nurse commenced in the vibrant city of Melbourne in 1956. Accompanied by her sister Carmie, she embarked on a journey that would shape her into the nurturing soul she is today. Leaving behind the serene countryside of their family farm in Trentham, they answered the call of duty in the heart of the city.

At Jessie McPherson Hospital, Meg discovered her calling amongst the babies. It was evident that her heart had always gravitated towards this vocation. Meg was not merely a nurse; she was a pediatric nurse with a profound interest in neonatal care. With gentle hands and a soothing voice, she tended to the little ones, bringing comfort to both infants and their anxious parents.

Carmie and Meg

Therese fondly recalls how, when she and her siblings had their own children, they witnessed firsthand the wealth of knowledge and experience Meg possessed. She became a guiding light, imparting the art of breastfeeding, the skill of swaddling, and the magic of calming a crying baby. Meg's wisdom transcended textbooks, honed through years of tender care and unwavering dedication.

Meg often reminisced about her time at the hospital, especially the moments spent with the babies on the balcony. She understood the significance of sunlight for their health and ensured they received their daily dose of Vitamin D, even within the confines of a hospital setting. Her love for babies and children radiated from her, touching the lives of all those around her.

As we prepare to celebrate International Nurses Day, our hearts overflow with gratitude for extraordinary people like Meg, who have devoted their lives to caring for others. Their selflessness knows no bounds; their compassion knows no limits. Although Meg may have retired from nursing, her legacy endures in the countless lives she has touched.

Yet, Meg is more than just a skilled nurse; her beautiful smile has the power to brighten even the darkest of days. We, her caregivers, feel honoured to care for Meg.

At Carinya, we are fortunate to have several residents who once served as nurses. It is our hope to share their stories and celebrate International Nurses Day alongside the nurses who continue to serve at Carinya today.

Meg (far left) with nursing friends

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