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Carinya Aged Care and Retirement Living 

Carinya Lodge Inc. was established in 1970, originally as a Council organisation, through time Carinya Lodge has evolved to it's present state as a registered Not-for-Profit Organisation and a registered Charity.

Our Committee of Management is run purely by volunteers who have an array of expertise, with their knowledge and guidance Carinya Lodge is one of South Gippsland's most desired Aged Care and Retirement Living facilities available.

There have previously been two expansions of the facility with a third to commence May 2019, by far the biggest expansion and upgrade Carinya Lodge has seen so far, with an expected budget of $7Million by completion.  Including 17 new rooms with en-suites, refurbishment of 40 existing rooms, new Sensory Garden, four new Independent Living Units and a Community Garden are just some of the improvements within the expansion and upgrade scope.



 Quality Care - Belonging  -  Respect  - Community Connection


Our Mission 


Is to provide respectful, innovative, quality service and accommodation for aged people within our local community that will enable them to live with dignity and independence in a caring environment which will foster pride, integrity and growth for both residents and staff.

Our Committee of Management shall:


  • Act ethically and with integrity

  • ​​Comply with the law and the appropriate Acts of Parliament

  • Respect the privacy and special needs of the residents

  • Provide well maintained and attractive facilities that are safe for both residents and employees

  • Use a caring, effective organisational system to enhance the comfort and well being of residents

  • Provide the highest standard of quality, caring service

  • Value the employees who deliver these services

  • Pursue innovation, efficiency and effective financial management



Our Values  

How we demonstrate our values: 

  • Employing local staff wherever possible, and wisely recruiting staff, volunteers and committee members based on their alignment with our values.

  • Providing excellent aged healthcare​​

  • Supporting residents and their families with end of life care

  • Exploring creative means of ensuring access

  • Being proactive about maintaining, growing and deserving our reputation

  • Focusing on economic viability in order to continue to fulfill our vision and purpose

  • Continuing to advocate for the value of community managed aged care alongside other similar local providers

  • Exploring innovative ways to ensure access to care and services

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