Planning for Aged Care

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Author Lucinda Nicholas

Making the decision to enter aged care is not an easy one. This decision generally means you or someone you are responsible for are not able to easily maintain independence any longer and require more support physically or medically. The most common road block we see is potential residents and their families having to make a last minute decision to seek a permanent residency at an aged care facility, generally after something has happened (for instance a fall) making the move inevitable.

This can be overwhelming and cause stress to everyone involved. Often a family member will call the preferred facility, only to find out that there is not only no vacancies and a waiting list, but many requirements that need to be finalised. Many people are unaware that these requirements and expectations can be completed well before the decision is made to move into care, helping prepare families and potential residents in advance so the transition can be smooth and less stressful.

So what should be at the top of your list when thinking about the possibility of an aged care facility for yourself or a loved one?

Planning ahead reduces stress in the future

Aged Care Assessment

An Aged Care Assessment is an assessment to ensure that a resident is eligible and approved for government-funded services including aged care. Without this assessment the facility will not receive any funding to assist with care (most facilities are government subsidised, so the assessment will be needed).

This assessment can be organised through My Aged Care (government website), your Doctor or the Aged Care Assessment Team. My Aged Care has a wealth of information regarding transitioning to aged care and is worth having a look at in preparedness, for more information head over to